The Fabulous Emporium is much more than a website - it is a community of like-minded women, providing a source of information, humour and inspiration, specifically targeted to be of interest to us...

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Why Join Us?

For the equivalent of only £5 per month, you can join us, and participate in a vibrant and exciting community.  This membership fee allows us to bring you the site without intrusive advertising on the main body of the site.

Enjoy unlimited access to the website, informative articles, humour, heart-warming moments, household and beauty tips, all updated daily.  Make checking in to The Fabulous Emporium part of your daily routine!

Use our forum to let us know your opinions and to chat with other members about topics that are important to us all, let´s encourage each other to be independent, imaginative and creative. 

And don’t forget, your annual membership includes:

  • Your Fabulous Emporium prepaid VISA card, without any credit checks, and free with your membership
  • Unlimited access to the Fabulous Emporium website
  • Informative, entertaining and fun articles and tips, updated daily
  • Forum to post your opinions and views, and chat with other members
  • Innovative featured products relevant to your lifestyle
  • Unlimited access to the Emporium of national retailers, offering impressive discounts for members
  • Free E-books to download

For a limited time only as the site is new, membership is reduced from £60 a year to £50!

That´s less than £1 a week!